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North Wales Indoor Champs 12th January 2020

North Wales Indoor Champs 12th January 2020 Final Timetabl

North Wales Indoor Championships
There are A HIGH NUMBER of athletes in Long Jump and Triple Jump

There is enough time for 1 min of warm up and 3 trials, 3 trials each for U11,U13 &U15 athlete in Long Jump and Triple Jump
The jumps will have to go through at an average of 60 seconds per jump including measurement and changeover between events to finish before 5. Under 23 are included in Senior.
The results from the Veteran competitions may be amalgamated to determine the medal positions.
In the heats the finalists will be taken from the winners of each heat and the fastest losers to bring the total to 5 finalists.

Use of cameras will be allowed during the meeting.

Event No TRACK Event No FIELD
T01 09:45 60m SDA
9.55 F01 Long Jump U11 Boys & Girls  (2,6)
F02 High Jump U13Boys,U15,U17,U20,V40,V50Men (4,2,1,1,1,1)
10.00 F03 Shot SDA  (CIRCLE)
10.35 F04 Standing Long Jump SDA  (SPORTSHALL)
10.40 F05 Shot U11,U13,U15Boys, U13,U15 Girls (2,2,1,3,3)
10.45 F06 Long Jump U13Girls  (6)
11.15 F07 Long Jump SDA  (PIT)
11.25 F08 Pole vault U13,U17,SEN,V40,V55 Men,U17Women(1,1,1,1,1,1)
11.35 F09 Shot U17.U20,SEN,V35,V45 Women (3,3,3,1,1)
F10 High Jump U13,U15.U17 Women (3,3,2)
11.40 F11 Long Jump U15, U17Men  (3,4)
12.15 F12 Long Jump U13 Boys (9)
12.55 F13 Long Jump U15 Girls (9)
13.20 F14 Shot U17,U20 ,V40,V50,V55,V70,F36 Men (1,1,2,4,1,1,1)
13.35 F15 Long Jump U17,U20 Women (3,2)
T02 14:15 60m Heats U13 Girls 3heats (4,4,4) F16 Long Jump U20,V40,V50,V55 Men (4,2,2,1)
T03 14:24 60m Heats U13 Boys 2 heats (5,4)
T04 14:30 60m Heats U15 Girls 3 heats (5,4,4)
T05 14:39 60m Heats U15 Boys 2 heats (3,3)
T06 14:45 60m Heats U17 Men 2heats (4,4)
T07 14:50 60m Heats U17 Women 2 heats (5,4)
T08 14:55 60m Heats U11 Boys 2 heats (4,3)
T09 15:15 Hurdles Finals Sen Men  (1) F17 Triple Jump U15, U17,U20,SEN,V45Women  (1,1,2,2,1)
T10 15:25 Hurdles Finals V40, U20 Men (2,1)
T11 15:35 Hurdles Finals U17,V50 Men (2,1)
T12 15:45 Hurdles Finals U13Boys&U15 Girls (1,4)
T13 15:55 Hurdles Finals U13 girls (2)
T14 16:10 60m Finals U15 Boys (5) F18 Triple Jump U17,U20 Men (3,2)
T15 16:15 60m Finals V40,45,SENM (2,1,2)
T16 16:20 60m Finals V50,V65 Men (3,1)
T17 16:25 60m Finals U13 Girls (5)
T18 16:30 60m Finals U13 Boys (5)
T19 16:35 60m Finals U15 girls (5)
T20 16:40 60m Finals U20,V35 women (1,1)
T21 16:45 60m Finals U17 women (5)
T22 16:50 60m Finals U11 Boys (5) F19 Triple Jump U15,V40,V50,V55 Men (1,2,1,1)
T23 16:55 60m Finals U11 girls (3)
T24 17:00 60m Finals U17 Men (5)
T25 17:05 60m Finals U20 Men (5)

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